Holiday dessert ideas you can make with your kids!


This sweet and simple cookie idea is sure to be a hit!  These cute reindeer Christmas cookies are an easy and fun way to bring the whole family together!  All you need are sugar cookies, brown icing, red candies and off you go decorating your reindeer however you’d like!  This would be a great craft to do with your kids and a delicious dessert to bring to your next holiday party!


These little guys are just so cute you’re gonna wanna eat them up!  These snowball strawberry’s are made with a cream cheese filling.  And the good news–they’re as simple as they look!  All you have to do is cut off the tip of the strawberry, pipe some cream cheese filling, which you can make from cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract, and decorate!  Your little ones will love decorating and making their own little desserts!


Donut you want some?  Here’s a quick and easy desert that especially the kids will love!  Reindeer donuts!  All you need is mini chocolate donuts, a little bit of vanilla icing, pretzels, and a red candy, which you could use the leftovers from the reindeer cookies! 🙂 These simple guys are sure to make their way all the way into your belly’s this holiday season!


Last is my favorite recipe that I used to always make as a kid: belly buttons!  This cute and yummy idea has been around forever but they continue to be a fun and creative way to spend time and make desserts with your kids!  In order to make this yummy dessert, all you need are pretzels, Hershey kisses, and M&M’s (preferably green and red ones)!  All you do is place the pretzels on a cookie sheet and place a Hershey kiss in the middle of each one, throw them in the oven for 2-3 minutes, place an M&M on the center of each one, let them cool and enjoy!  This holiday treat is yummy and one that everyone can help make… and eat!


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